About these X Cultural Workshops

A 3-night conference to give you cross-cultural tools

In three consecutive nights you will learn how to confidently meet, befriend and share your faith with your migrant neighbours who have come from other cultures.

This workshop is for you if your are curious:

  • desiring to share your faith with people of other faiths
  • desiring to learn how to communicate cross culturally
  • seeking to clarify a call from God to engage in cross cultural mission
  • wanting to strengthen your faith; seeking to contextualise the gospel
  • wanting to share your amazing experiences in leading others to Christ

The pedagogy

Lectures, reflections groups, feedback forms, record of interest forms, panel discussions, testimony, interviews, conversations over meals, question time, open forums.

What outcomes could result from your attendance?

You may discover or clarify your calling, evaluate your own worldview and faith praxis, make appropriate changes, strategise for a future action plan, and seek to engage in cross cultural mission here in Aotearoa. Be provoked to look deeper into your faith. Access resources that will help you develop your walk with Christ and missional praxis.

You could also become involved in a contextual fellowship for seekers from other faiths. Get involved in a ministry like those who lead this ministry throughout our nation. Commit and plan to attend a national gathering of like-minded people.

The background and experience of the speakers

The workshops will introduce you to people who have had life-transforming encounters with Christ from many different nations and who now share their faith with a diverse group of migrants

  • Talk to people who are currently developing cross cultural conversations every week
  • Learn from practitioners with cross cultural communication skills
  • Relate to the context and authorities of your new migrant friends
  • Follow a pathway that opens to door to a whole world of new opportunities
  • Read the Bible from the viewpoint of cross cultural mission
  • Gain insights into honour and shame cultures
  • Listen to stories of people who have been on the journey for many years
  • Strategise how you can be involved

Cost per person

A one off payment of $10 payable on any night you come
come for three nights and you’ll only pay $10 total.